Stop Burglars at the Door!

Uncategorized // May 4, 2018 //

When you’re not at home, and a stranger rings your doorbell, there’s a good chance that person isn’t welcome. It’s one of burglars’ oldest tricks. In fact- they ring your doorbell to make sure you’re not at home before attempting to break in.

To keep them from getting in, the Ring Video Doorbell gives you 24/7 remote video monitoring at your door. And now, Ring’s Video Doorbell can be integrated with your home’s security system to protect what you value most.

At a glance, visitors won’t realize there’s a powerful HD camera beneath the doorbell’s attractive faceplate, available in several finish options. Plus, with motion-activated alerts, weather-proof construction, and infrared night vision, you can use your mobile Virtual Keypad app to monitor your home around-the-clock–rain or shine, wherever you are.


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